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Happy Dogs - An Independent Dog Rescue Centre

Lyn Williams, founder of Happy Dogs, adores dogs and has looked after sick and abandoned dogs all her life. At Happy Dogs, we share Lyn's passion for dog rescue, care and protection. All dogs are taken in and cared for until they find a new home. Don't forget to check out News and Events page for articles and what's been happening at the sanctuary.

About Happy Dogs

At Happy Dogs, we are constantly working to rescue and rehome abandoned dogs. We are looking for families who are willing to adopt and give a dog a permanent home. Prospective owners are able to meet and greet any dog they wish to adopt.

Adopt A Dog

Welcome a dog into your life. You will be given a special photo certificate, a sponsor card and a window sticker. In addition, you will receive regular updates from your friend. You can also sponsor a dog for someone else too. It is a great gift!

Sponsor A Dog

Happy Dogs conduct regular charity events to help raise funds. We constantly update our website with upcoming news and information. For further information, please contact Happy Dogs.

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